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Wellington Letter  Subscription

Wellington Letter Subscription

 BENEFITS provided to YOU with a WELLINGTON LETTER subscription.

  • This research service is now in its 41st year. If it lasts that long, “it has to be good!” Our customer satisfaction and loyalty is unprecedented in this business. This benefits YOU.

  • It has received top ratings, including a #1 rating, in surveys of subscribers and investment professionals, as well as awards of “excellence.” Wouldn’t it give YOU comfort to know that you have such a service guiding you through these “interesting times?”

  • Bert Dohmen has achieved the #1 MARKET TIMER rating. YOU get the benefit of his four decades in the markets. He has predicted every major market decline of the past 39 years, as well as every bear market. His experience can save you a fortune during the next bear market or crash. YOU can sleep at night, knowing you have the best.

  • YOU receive several issues per month, via the speed of the internet. You can even get it on your I-PAD, or tablet.

  • When important news affecting the markets breaks, a SPECIAL BULLETIN may be issued evaluating the event and its potential effect on the markets.

  • Bert Dohmen and the WELLINGTON LETTER have often been quoted by financial newsletters and magazines, including such national publications as Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Business Week to name a few. That means “CREDIBILITY.”



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